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ShapesInShape promoting Health, Fun and Fitness!
ShapesInShape supplies wellness and fitness exercise equipment that makes exercise fun, enjoyable and effective.  Our exercise stations need no electricity and do not use heavy stacks of weights or complex pulley nor any cable systems.  Every machine and exercise station is environmentally friendly and powered by the weight of the people using them.  The entire line of ShapesInShape exercise equipment is manufactured and designed for outdoor use and is available for everyone.
Our products and services are readily available for communities, parks, schools, corporations, retirement and living communities, corporate wellness centers and much more.  Our users range in all ages and walks of life of the general public who wish to experience the fun and enjoyment of exercising outdoors. Our goal is to provide the healthy benefits of exercise to everyone.  ShapesInShape do more than simply provide you with an excellent fitness product.  We guide you in the selection, design and layout so your fitness facility will have maximal results. Your decision to choose ShapesInShape to create your outdoor gym for your community’s park, school or other area enhances your goal to improve the health and fitness of the many people that will enjoy its use.

Our site offers wellness and fitness programs with exercise routines that can help you improve your overall cardio-vascular systems, strength, stamina and most importantly, the enjoyment and fun that encourage the user to be motivated towards a healthy lifestyle.

We at ShapesInShape make ourselves available to guide and direct you to the successful completion of a wonderful wellness and fitness program for your members.  ShapesInShape creators have trained and instructed each and every one of our employees to the commitment of helping you develop the best program to serve your community for a productive approach to healthy living.  Exercise is essential in waging the battle against obesity, injury prevention and the retardation of stress and illness as a by-product of aging.

The ShapesInShape line of outdoor exercise equipment is created and designed to provide improved health through a variety of exercise stations including cardiovascular, muscle and strength, balance, coordination, and flexibility training. We have designed the equipment to allow you to effectively use minimal amounts of time, enabling you to optimize the results from your exercise activity.  The equipment allows your whole body to experience the benefits of the full range of motion through the exercise movement. You will begin to see progress and feel the great new sensation of benefits from the very first time you experience our machines.

ShapesInShape will also keep in touch and track your success.  It is always pleasing for us to hear about the improvement in health experienced from our customers and all of the people who use this fine equipment.  From weight loss, to improved strength or enhanced cardio-vascular stamina, we are greatly rewarded from the fun and enjoyment that is derived from our wellness and fitness programs.  It is always wonderful to hear people tell us that they are feeling great and are having fun with the use of these fitness systems.  E-mail your stories to us so we may show the world your achievements!
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