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Welcome to ShapesInShape
At ShapesInShape we offer a full spectrum of lightweight, wellness and fitness machines of different shapes and specialty functions that allow users to get InShape with an element of fun and efficiency. Primarily for outdoor use, our lightweight colorful fitness machines are built for a maintenance free lifetime of durability and longevity
When ShapesInShape was formed, we wanted every person to have the ability to exercise anywhere and anytime, without the high cost or inconvenience of gym memberships or crowded exercise venues.

Our goal is for both the young and the elderly to enjoy fitness in physical education classes, while having indoor and outdoor access to different sports equipment that would allow them to burn fat and build muscle.
Without needing bulky weights, our equipment safely offers great benefits to people who treasure their outdoor public parks, providing access to simple machines that let us use our body weight to keep in shape, burn calories and lose weight. Our equipment encourages the fun and enjoyment of wellness and fitness, teaching people of all ages the wonderful benefits of enjoying their time together using sports equipment.

We at ShapesInShape desire citizens to be able to strengthen their body, mind, and soul with exercise equipment that is accessible, easy to use, and fun to operate and of great benefits to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
The greatest benefit of the ShapesInShape wellness and fitness equipment programs is the ability for everyone to enjoy a healthy approach to life, without thinking of exercise as enduring.
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