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ShapesInShape-Inc – 5 simple step-by-step to get in shape!

ShapesInShape provides you with a 5 simple step process of ordering, receiving, installing, and enjoying your equipment.  You will find this process direct, simple and easy.  It begins with your first call or e-mail and continues with our personal touch, throughout the project, from the selection of equipment, the design layout and the installation at your fitness facility.  ShapesInShape sales representatives work constantly to provide you with outstanding customer service and support.  We have one of the largest and most successful sales representative networks for our products.  We can also meet with the customer to discuss the project, walk through the site location, and follow through with personal customer care from beginning to end. 
Step 1: Selection of Your Product
There are different ways in finding and selecting the products that are right for you.  You may be able to find these in our products page.  There are 4 different ways in choosing your products from ShapesInShape:
If needed, we will advise you in respect to which product will be most beneficial and appropriate for your facility and needs.  A selection of six to ten or more units provides a good introductory layout.  The equipment is equally effective when installed as a cluster in a confined exercise area, or set along a fitness trail.
Step 2: Design and Layout
We will provide you with a systematic layout drawing that can be discussed and modified until a final layout concept is reached.  With our design experts, we will guide you with the right distances of each machine to the other; optimize the benefit in the location of each machine, which will create an exercise routine, which the user will follow. 

Many customers will already have a specific idea of the exercise area they want to achieve.  We, however, will discuss each piece of equipment and its exercise values and help you with the most effective choices of equipment choice.
Step 3: Shipping
ShapesInShape can then provide you with a fixed confirmation of the total cost.  The cost is a combination of the equipments, taxes, shipping and handling, and installation.  All included.  No hidden costs!

Once the order is complete, the equipment will then be shipped to our warehouse in Los Angeles.  ShapesInShape ships in large bulk production so you do not have to worry about additional fees.  In this manner we are able to keep your purchases affordable.  Your equipment is generally delivered and installed within 4 weeks of the placement of your order.
Step 4: Surfacing
Often, your equipment will be installed directly into the natural ground surface.  If needed, you may choose to have a different surface installed, and we may be able to assist you with the selection.  We encourage the use of professional surfacing material.  Schools and playgrounds have adopted recycled rubber surfacing, either poured in place or as square tiles that are glued onto a firm base.  ShapesInShape suggest adopting the same safety standards as school playgrounds, especially if the facility is freely accessible to children.  Depending on the choice of equipment and the potential fall-height, various thicknesses and colors are available from rubber surface manufacturers. 

As discussed in the surfacing section of our web site, we are in the process of testing numerous surfacing options for our customers.  We will be able to provide you with the surfacing type that is best suited for your needs.
Step 5: Installation
ShapesInShape outdoor fitness equipment is simple to install.  Our expert certified crews will perform all necessary installation operations at your facility.  We have our own company installation crews, which helps keep your order low cost and affordable, without having to hire outside contractors which can add costs to the process. The installation of the equipment is mostly a task of preparing the holes for the concrete footings. Our equipment has been inserted into various environments, ranging from home backyards to beaches to cruise ship decks. ShapesInShape company staff will supervise and complete the installation process to your satisfaction.

That concludes the ShapesInShape-In5 simple steps to order.  The following additional steps will provide you with the comprehensive follow up to assure equipment functionality, maintenance and product dependability.
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