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Back and Legs Massage Machine -1
Back and Legs Massage Machine -2
Back Massage
Balance Beam Helper
Balancing Act
Bench Press
Bike and Arms Pedal Machine
Body Stretcher
Chessboard Table
Chin-Up High Bar
Climbing Polls
Combination Cardio Station
Combination Flexibility Station
Dip and Wings
Double Air Walker
Double Hanging Turning Wheels
Double Horizontal Ladder Climber
Double Lat Pull down
Double Leg Extension
Double Leg Press
Double Leg Press
Double Lower Back and Abdomen Trainer
Double Lying Leg Curls
Double Rings Pull-Up Wheels
Double Rowing Machine
Double Shoulder Press
Double Standing Rollers
Double Stretching Machine
Double Waist and Hip Stretching and Squeezing - 1
Double Waist and Hip Stretching and Squeezing - 2
Double Waist-Twister and Seat-Twister -1
Double Waist-Twister and Seat-Twister -2
Entry Sign
Face-to-Face Air Walker (with bent side bars) -1
Face-to-Face Air Walker (with straight side bars) -2
Feet and Leg Exercise Machine
Feet Exercise Machine
Gymnastics Rings
Hand Pusher - 1
Hand Pusher - 2
High Arched Bench
High Jump Exercise - 1
High Jump Exercise - 2
High Jump Exercise - 3
High-Seated Bike
Horizontal Ladder
Horizontal Ladder Climber
Horse-Back Rider
Hula Bridge
Low-Seated Bike
Lower Back and Abdomen trainer
Mountain Step Climber
Net Climber
Outdoor Treadmill
Parallel Bars - 1
Parallel Bars - 2
Peck Deck Arm Butterfly
Peck Deck Hand Butterfly
Pommel Horse
Power Up
Push-Up Station
Quadruple Leg Press
Quadruple Pull-Up and Chin-Up bars
Right-Left Pedal and Waist Twister
Roller Arm Trainer
Shoulder and Neck Massage Chair
Shoulder and Neck Pulley - 1
Shoulder and Neck Pulley - 2
Shoulder Press
Shoulders Turntable
Single Air Walker
Single Air Walker
Single Air Walker
Single Arched Sit-up bench
Single Leg Extension
Single Leg Press
Single Lying Leg Curls
Single Rowing Machine
Single Sided Waist Twister
Single Sit-up Bench
Synchronization Training Equipment
Thigh Abductor / Adductor
Triangle Rings - Different Heights
Triangle Rings - Straight Line
Triple Air Walker
Triple Hanging Turning Wheels
Triple Horizontal Bar
Triple Leg Press
Triple Pull-Up and Chin-Up bars
Triple Vertical Ladder Climber
Triple Waist Twister
Two Arched benches and a back Stretching Machine
Two sided R-L Pedal
Two Sided Sit-up bench
Two Sided Waist Twister
Upper Body Spinners - 1
Upper Body Spinners - 2
Upper Body Spinners - 3
Upper Body Spinners - 4
V-Style Climber
Vertical Half-Pipe Climber
Waist Twister and Waist and Hip Stretching and Squeezing
Wavy Slide
Wheel Turning Equipment
Wrist Recovery Machine
ShapesInShape – Products™ include our Outdoor Gym, Sports, Exercise, Wellness and Fitness line of machinery. These products are designed to provide a wide range of exercise functions for communities outdoors. Kids, adults and senior citizens can use these exercise machines to enhance their cardiovascular conditioning, increase flexibility, development of muscle tone, or improve the balance and coordination.

Our Fitness Experts, Mechanical Engineers, and Safety Professionals design our products for optimal fitness, outmost safety and ease of use for greatest results. All components which are included in ShapesInShape products are made of powder-coated steel and cast iron for high durability, weather damages and environmentally friendly.

We continually update our products, build new equipment, and design additional machinery with the latest engineering visions. We continually update our database and web site for new equipments, so continue to visit our site for new information.

Below you will find our products arranged into the following sections:
     a. Zones – Products placed together for specific fitness areas and particular subjects.
     b. Categories – Products are sorted based on their fitness theme.
     c. Bodies – Products are classed based on the bodies muscle group.
     d. Individuals – The alphabetical listing of our products.
     e. For Kids – New products for kids only. These products are aimed for smaller kids.
Kids Section







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